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2 - 4 December
ExCeL London


FM & Property Awards Party is an opportunity to socialise, network and party with colleagues, teams and customers in an informal, relaxed party environment.

FM & Property Awards Party is NOT a formal, traditional sit-down dinner. It is a free flowing Awards event, with buffet style food and drink on tap. The shortlist and winners will be presented throughout the evening via video on 30 screens across the venue. So, wherever you are, you’ll have great sight lines to the runners and riders as the Finalists are displayed and the Winners are announced. Winners will be able to pick up their trophy on the night and have their professional photo taken against the event backdrop.

FM & Property Awards Party will be independently judged ensuring Finalists and Winners have the accompanying prestige that their quality performance deserves. The results will be promoted via our extensive Awards and exhibition databases and via our industry Association and media partners.


As a finalist or winner, you’ll have the internal and external recognition as your success is communicated across all marketing channels via our Association and media partners.

It will be a great night out! Enjoy the excitement as each finalist is spot-lighted while winners get their moment in the spotlight, trophy in hand, to the ovation of your colleagues.

The new Awards party format ensures a low group ticket price, so you can celebrate and party with all your colleagues, teams, customers and prospects.

The informal, relaxed and free-flowing party format enables you to socialise and network with ease throughout the whole night.

You’ll be able to party into the early hours, including dancing to our VJ and taking the microphone and singing karaoke with our live band!

Facilities Management & Property Awards


Winning, or even being nominated for FM & Property Awards Party, can bring significant recognition and prestige. It serves as a validation of hard work, innovation, and success, enhancing the entrants reputation within their industry and among their peers.

Participating in FM & Property Awards Party allows individuals and companies to celebrate their accomplishments and recognise the hard work put in by their teams. It's an opportunity to acknowledge everyone's efforts and celebrate their collective success.

FM & Property Awards Party provide an excellent opportunity for free publicity and marketing. Winning, or being shortlisted, can generate positive media coverage, social media buzz, and press releases, helping to raise awareness of the entrant’s brand and attract new customers.

FM & Property Awards Party will be attended by industry leaders, senior professionals, influencers, and potential collaborators. Participating allows companies to network with key stakeholders, forge new partnerships, and expand professional contacts.

Being recognised for their contributions can boost employee morale and motivation. It fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment among team members, reinforcing their dedication and commitment to the company's goals.

Winning at FM & Property Awards Party sets successful entrants apart from competitors and positions your company as a leader in your field. It gives you a competitive edge and helps attract customers who value high performance, quality, excellence, and innovation.

The application process for FM & Property Awards Party will involve self-assessment and reflection on a company's strengths and weaknesses. Even if they don't win, companies can gain valuable feedback from judges and benchmark their performance against industry standards, identifying areas for improvement.

A company that is recognised for its achievements and excellence, especially in categories like ‘Best Company To Work For’ is more attractive to top talent. Winning awards can help you attract skilled professionals who want to be part of a successful and dynamic organisation, whilst also improving employee retention rates.

Being recognised by FM & Property Awards Party program adds credibility to their business. It signals to customers, partners, investors, and employees that they are a trustworthy and high-performing organisation.

Winning at FM & Property Awards Party can enhance a company's attractiveness to potential investors and lenders. It demonstrates a track record of success and may open doors to new funding opportunities to support growth and expansion plans.

FM & Property Awards Party is owned and supported by Anticipate London, which includes Facilities Show, and is supported by leading FM & Property industry Associations and media partners.