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Effective facilities management requires a professional strategy that adheres to the daily operation of a business. To assist them, many facilities managers are searching for efficient cleaning services. If you’re wondering what facilities managers look for, let Perfect Clean show you. Here, we reveal the key factors that facilities managers search for from their cleaning providers.

What Do Facilities Managers Look For?

Facility management professionals need a wealth of skills from their cleaning services. Here are some of the aspects that they look for from a cleaning provider. 

1. Day to Day Cleaning

A facility manager requires daily cleaning of buildings to maintain the health and safety of employees. The extent of day to day cleaning will depend on the type of working environment. For example, a busy warehouse will require a more extensive clean than an office. Daily cleaning should incorporate the removal of rubbish and clutter, wipe downs of communal areas and kitchen facilities, as well as the cleaning of flooring, especially in high traffic areas. 


2. Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning should be undertaken either once per week or per month depending on the needs of the business. This should incorporate carpet and floor cleaning, extensive kitchen cleaning, the cleaning of furniture, including upholstery, as well as windows and blinds. The deep cleaning of sanitary facilities also needs to be completed. 

3. Maintain A Point of Contact 

A professional cleaning service should have a point of contact that facilities managers can reach out to with enquiries, complaints and other arising matters. It’s important for effective facility maintenance that regular contact is made, particularly in instances when cleaning routines and schedules may need to be altered at short notice. 

4. Look Professional 

Facilities managers want their cleaning service staff members to look professional, wearing the correct attire, whether that’s a uniform or personal protective equipment. It’s also important that they wear a name or identification badge for security reasons. 

5. Be Highly Trained

Cleaning staff should be highly trained in the correct cleaning and maintenance procedures. Facilities management shouldn’t have to train staff from their cleaning provider, particularly as this can be time-consuming. Managers want to be assured that a cleaning provider can come into the built environment and begin their cleaning duties right away without the need for management. 

6. High Working Standards

Alongside training and professional attire, cleaning providers should have high working standards to meet the requirements of the workplace. This includes culture, tools and practices. Providers must work without disrupting the environment, particularly if cleaning occurs around staff and management. By doing this, effective cleaning and maintenance can be achieved. 

7. Efficient and Eco-Friendly Practices 

Facilities managers are searching for more efficient cleaning and eco-friendly practices. Whether it’s new innovative tools that can reduce the time spent cleaning or sustainable products which reduce environmental impact, helping to guide management with this information can boost health and safety. 

8. Consistency

Consistently high standards of cleaning with regard to infection control, daily cleaning methods and areas outside of day-to-day practices, such as blind and window cleaning is imperative for facilities management. Cleaning providers should ideally offer a broad service that can be performed at the top level. 

9. Alternative Services

Many managers look for alternative services alongside traditional methods of cleaning. Recycling services, exterior window or building cleaning, drain cleaning and pest control are just a few additional options that cleaning providers can offer. Delivering a multitude of services within one contract enables managers to choose a bespoke option that is tailored to their requirements. 

10. Understand the Needs of The Business 

To aid effective facilities management, hiring a cleaning provider that understands the needs of the business, and can make suggestions where possible, is imperative. Not just from a cost-cutting perspective but also ensuring the very best practices for efficiency are employed. 

About the author:

Perfect Clean is a professional cleaning company based in Edinburgh. With highly experienced professionals, they have the capacity to offer affordable and high-quality commercial and industrial cleaning services. They are passionate and committed to keeping everyone safe with their exemplary health and safety practices.